Why Reliable And Authentic News Is Important In NFT And Metaverse World Asif Hameed, CEO and founder at NFTStudio24.com, shares his thoughts on the importance of reliable and authentic news in NFT and metaverse world

By Srivatsa KR

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Like world news, keeping up with the latest NFT news and metaverse news is also important, especially if you are a trader or investor. Have you ever wondered how some small investors turned into the biggest investors in the world? It's all thanks to authentic news articles from trusted sources.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have become a worldwide phenomenon with each worth almost a million dollars. According to Bloomberg, the NFT industry's worth alone surpassed $40 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow even more in the coming years.

Metaverse is yet another industry related to NFTs that has managed to earn billions of dollars due to a massive increase in interest. People are buying lands, NFT avatars, and other digital collectibles that will eventually become part of the metaverse. According to CitiBank, the metaverse is expected to be worth $13 trillion by 2030.

However, with increasing demand for NFTs and metaverse, many scams, rugpulls, hacks and phishing attacks have also surfaced causing a huge loss to investors and traders. The most recent attack was on two Yuga Labs' Discord servers causing many community members to lose their digital assets from their wallets.

Some were able to save themselves from the hack because they kept up with the latest NFT news from authentic sources such as NFTStudio24, which was one of the fastest news websites to report on the hack.

The tanking NFT market makes it worse, but the investors can still profit from the industry by trading NFTs that are trending in the marketplaces. How do they know it? Simple, they follow reliable and trusted news websites.

How reliable news can help in NFT and the metaverse world

Some NFT collections sell out as soon as they are dropped in the marketplace. This is because people keep up with reliable news websites that can give them detailed yet authentic information regarding upcoming or new NFT and metaverse projects.

Instead of going around and searching for official announcements and websites, they simply go to the news website that has compiled every single thing in one article. This not only saves time but also ensures that you don't miss out on any important piece of news.

Many experts and big investors advise people to do research before they fully enter the NFT space. This is because not every NFT is profitable, you need to follow certain criteria before picking out what digital collectible to make part of your portfolio.

Many websites try to imitate news stories but they still lack basic information that can be worthy of reporting to the viewers. Therefore, when it comes to reading reliable news, you need to ensure whatever website you are reading from is authentic or not.

News websites like NFTStudio24 house some of the best and most experienced journalists from all over the world who report to you on the latest NFT news. They search every corner that can lead them to a valuable piece of information to report to their international viewers.

What is NFTStudio24?

NFTStudio24 is the most trusted, reliable, and authentic news platform that reports on the latest NFT news, interviews, drops, and reviews from all over the world.

It is an all-in-one media platform where readers can not only read up on the latest updates but also buy NFTs based on the NFTStudio24 rarity ranking tool.

NFTStudio24 writes official press releases from emerging Web3 projects to convey the real message behind the brand to its target audience. It posts detailed reviews for leading and new NFT projects so that buyers are well-aware of what an NFT is all about before minting them.

All in all, NFTStudio24 comprises a team of expert writers and media managers who work together to bring you the latest news related to crypto, blockchain, NFT, metaverse, Web3, and decentralization directly from the original source.

NFTStudio24 ideology as a media platform

NFTStudio24 follows the ideology of CEO Asif Hameed to ground itself as an authentic media platform. Mr. Hameed deeply understands the NFT and metaverse industry coming from experience as an investor and entrepreneur.

According to him, the role of media is much more important than any other platform. Since NFT and metaverse is a speculative market, many news websites or journalists tend to glorify hype and cause investment risks, which is quite wrong. In other words, today's news articles lack the neutral tone that NFT traders need.

NFTStudio24 emerges as an authentic news source that aims to maintain a trustworthy relationship with its readers by reporting only the truth. It follows Asif Hameed's ideology of educating the global audience with a reliable piece of news.

Note: Investment in cryptocurrency and crypto assets is subject to financial risk and readers should do their own due diligence. Entrepreneur Media does not endorse any such investment.

Srivatsa KR

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