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Wegovy-Maker Presents Results of Its Longest Study Conducted So Far on Weight Loss — Here's What to Know

The company's data showed that the drugs were effective over multiple years, even if there are still unknowns.

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FDA Has Seized 'Thousands' of Fake Units of Ozempic Amid Reported Cases of 'Adverse Reactions' in Patients

The FDA says it's received reports of five known cases of patients having adverse reactions to the counterfeit drugs.

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Novo Nordisk, the Maker of Ozempic, Is Suing Spas and Clinics For Allegedly Selling Knockoffs

Drugmaker Novo Nordisk has filed lawsuits in four different states across the U.S. on the grounds of false advertising, trademark infringement, and" unlawful sales" of products not approved by the FDA.

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A New Weight-Loss Drug Could Be a Complete Game Changer. 'Psychologically, You Don't Want to Eat.'

Mounjaro, a diabetes drug used to treat obesity, is forecast to make $50 billion in sales annually.


TikToker Eating Nothing But McDonald's For 100 Days Says He's Losing Weight. 'From French Fries to Fit Guy.'

Kevin Maginnis says the fast-food fitness plan proves that it's not what you eat but how much you eat.

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This App Takes a Mental Approach to Weight Loss

Building on practices learned in the field of behavioral psychology, this app equips users with lessons, trackers, and communities to support their weight-loss journeys.


Start Getting into Great Shape in 2022 with These Resources

New year, new you: Be one of the few to stick to a weight-loss resolution.

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With Noom, Weight Loss Isn't About Calories and Meal Plans. It's About Your Mind.

The app-based health and fitness program tackles the psychology at the center of weight loss.

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Save an Extra 30 Percent Off Now on a BetterMe Health and Wellness Plan for Starting 2022 Right

BetterMe supports customized meal and workout plans while also attacking the psychological root of weight management and health difficulties.

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Want to Be a Professional Dynamo? It Starts With Getting Your Health in Order.

Found helps formulate a well-rounded plan for losing weight while also improving your overall health picture


How the Keto Diet Can Feed Entrepreneurship and Creativity

For those looking for ways to take their work to the next level, a keto diet may be just what they need.


You Exercise Your Body. Why Not Your Face?

The Kickstarter-funded Jawzrsize will slim your face and strengthen your neck.

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Why Base Is One of the Most Promising Health and Wellness Tools for 2021

Base goes above and beyond the standard tracker


Home Workout: 6 Full-body Exercises That Will Build Strength and Burn Stubborn Fat

If you're looking for a straightforward workout that'll get the blood pumping, then this is it. Here's you 101 full-body workout guide that will keep you fit and healthy!