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Why Base Is One of the Most Promising Health and Wellness Tools for 2021 Base goes above and beyond the standard tracker

By StackCommerce Edited by Jason Fell

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2020 was an exhausting year for a number of reasons. Between the stresses of the pandemic, the economy, and election season, combined with the jarring shifts to remote work and social distancing, you went through a lot this past year. In 2021, you owe it to yourself to invest in your health and wellness.

One way to do that is to get a fitness and health tracker. Another is to become a frequent visitor to your doctor and specialists. A better way is to combine the two with Base.

Base is a new way to take your health and wellness under control, using data and science to better understand your body and resolve any number of issues that plague your wellness. From lack of sleep and diminished energy levels to low sex drive and inability to drop excess weight, Base allows you to communicate with your body's chemistry in a totally refreshing way.

How it works.

Base is not just a wellness tracker, but it's also not just a home lab kit. It goes above and beyond a standard blood or saliva test, and getting started is easy. Founder of Base, Lola Priego explains it as, "There are fitness trackers that are cool and engaging but aren't helpful in giving tangible answers to questions like "Why can't I sleep?" or "Why can't I lose weight?" It's easy to get started and learn about your health but what can we do with that? We need that next step, right?"

To get started, first, you choose your track. If there's a symptom that you want to monitor and improve specifically, build a profile on the Base app, select your area of focus, and adjust your test frequency depending on your goals. You can choose to focus on your diet, energy, stress, sleep, or sex drive. Of course, you do multiple tests, too, if you choose. Priego continues, "Base created an innovative way to combine at-home lab testing and a smart app to give everyone the chance to investigate, improve and monitor their health, all driven by data."

Once you've set up your profile, select at-home testing or walk-in testing at a QuestDiagnostics center. Tests are a simple finger prick to analyze hormones, blood levels, and nutrients — or you can choose to do a saliva sample if you're okay with tracking fewer hormones. Within five days of your first tests, you'll get a 15-minute phone consultation to walk you through your proposed improvement plan.

Now you're ready to start using Base. Your test results will go directly to the app, quantified into a score with insights explaining what that score means in the context of your symptoms.

What happens next?

Base's home tests are extremely comprehensive and because the numbers are quantified in easy to understand metrics, Base makes health and wellness fun. With your scores, you can pursue challenges to improve your score, your levels, and, in the process, the way you feel. They don't just deliver confusing numbers like you get after a lipid panel, they help you use that data to make tangible improvements.

The tests measure the levels of nutrients in your body that affect your sleep, stress, energy, diet, and sex drive most — and then Base will give you insights into how to improve. You can track improvements over time to optimize your lifestyle or identify how specific actions negatively impact your wellness. When you can see the impact changes in your life have on your body's key hormone and vitamin levels, you can better develop a targeted improvement plan. It'll even track seasonal or diet changes with monthly recommendations crafted from your test results.

How is it different?

Getting tested in a lab is great. At-home testing is even better. But where Base goes beyond even the convenience of at-home testing is with the data it provides. With quantifiable data, it's significantly easier to take action when your levels get out of balance. Whenever you send a test to the lab, you'll see the results in the app to keep your numbers up to date at all times and completely reflective of your current lifestyle.

Maybe you've been trying to lose weight but can't seem to make it happen. Or maybe you've been downloading every app on the planet to help you sleep and still can't make it through the night. These are the exact types of situations that Base is built for — and why it's sure to be one of the hottest wellness products of 2021. Priego reflects on how Base members inspire her, "After Base members take their first lab tests and find out hormones or vitamin levels are the reason they can't sleep or clear their brain fog, it's liberating for them. It's not their fault at all, and it can be fixed. And when they see how Base can address the cause, their excitement and relief builds every time we check in with them. It's the best motivation. It's the best."

Take your health and wellness by the horns in 2021. Check it out today and get 20 percent off when you sign up today.


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