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Leave Your 'Love Locks' At Home, Grand Canyon Officials Warn

The Grand Canyon National Park has had it with "love locks" left on fences or posts within the park, noting on Facebook that the items are a hazard to wildlife and are considered littering and vandalism.

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'I Was Scared.' A Crazed Sea Otter Keeps Attacking Surfers in Santa Cruz.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services warn the 5-year-old female otter is 'aggressive,' but her behavior has bizarre family roots.

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The 'Cocaine Cat' Is Recovering at Cincinnati Zoo as a 'Cat Ambassador.'

The illegal serval was rescued from a tree and brought to the hospital, where vets discovered he had cocaine in his system.

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A California Beach Town Just Banned Balloons. 'I Hope This Will Change the Way People Think.'

The Laguna Beach ordinance is the latest in a growing trend of coastal communities enacting bans on balloons, a danger to wildlife.

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'Iguana My Electricity Back! ' A Trespassing Lizard Shuts Down a Florida City

The reptile crawled into an electric substation, and fireworks ensued.

Science & Technology

The World's Biggest Bony Fish Is Discovered: "A King of the Open Ocean"

The body of a 3-ton gigantic sunfish appeared off the coast of Portugal.


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