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Sheryl Sandberg Commencement Speech, University of California at Berkeley, May 2016 (Transcript)

Sheryl Sandberg spoke publicly about her husband's death for the first time at the University of California at Berkeley Commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 14, 2016.

Entrepreneur Staff

· 15+ min read

20 Entrepreneurs on the Lessons Their Mothers Taught Them

In honor of Mother's Day, these men and women share the motherly wisdom that they've applied to running their companies.

Lydia Belanger

· 8 min read

5 Pieces of Common Startup Advice That Do More Harm Than Good

Endless repetition has made some business aphorisms sound right, but do they hold up? Let's think it through.

Larry Alton

· 5 min read

15 Inspirational Shakespeare Quotes on the 400th Anniversary of His Death

Check out the playwright's indelible take on leadership and legacy.

Nina Zipkin

· 3 min read

6 Best Business Tips from 6 Top Entrepreneurs

In 'selfie'-style video clips, these business leaders share their one most impactful piece of advice.

Ryan Robinson

· 6 min read

8 Motivational Quotes for 2016

Maimonides, Mark Twain, Walt Disney. Whose words will be your personal guide?

Zach Cutler

· 4 min read

6 Invaluable Lessons My Clients Taught Me in 2015

Their wisdom won't just shape how you work, it will shape how you live.

Tasha Eurich

· 7 min read

What a Famous Artist Taught Me About Business

Here's how I applied the wisdom of Giovanni DeCunto to grow as an entrepreneur.

Stacey Alcorn

· 4 min read

5 Lessons Young Entrepreneurs Mostly Learn the Hard Way

Listening to people who have already learned from mistakes is the smartest thing few people do.

Kimanzi Constable

· 5 min read

7 Metaphors to Help Understand Being an Entrepreneur

It's tough explaining why you chose to be an entrepreneur over the many easier ways to make a living. Saying what it is like is often easier than saying what it is.

Steve VanderVeen

· 4 min read

5 Adages That Have Stood the Test of Time

No matter what else changes, folk wisdom will always ring true.

Marty Fukuda

· 3 min read

10 Truths That Sustain Successful Entrepreneurs

Regardless of the path you take or how well you prepare, entrepreneurship will test your stamina and belief in yourself.

Timothy Sykes

· 4 min read