Women of Color

Labor Shortage? Depends on Who You Ask.

What if women are the answer to our labor problem?

Pamela Foley

Don't Just Sit At the Table, Flip It. A Reflection for Women Entrepreneurs.

A seat at the table is a hard-earned symbol of success in a company. But is it all it's cracked up to be?

Nika White

She Was Homeless. Now She Runs a $25 Million Investment Fund for Women of Color.

Fearless Fund cofounder Arian Simone knows firsthand how hard it is for women of color to raise money. So after many setbacks and reinventions, she transformed herself into the solution she'd been looking for.

Liz Brody

Build Your Squad for Financial Success

It's time for women of color in business to lift each other up.

Kanika Tolver

What is Holding Women Entrepreneurs Back From Attaining Success?

Women hold the power to change the world but not all are young and bold to share their stories

Nidhi Singh

How Organizations can Promote Gender Diversity in Tech

Companies are not applying a gender lens to their corporate social responsibility and philanthropy efforts, research shows

Pooja Singh

This Start-Up Claims to Offer a Miracle Cure for Hangover!

This start-up claims to use all natural ingredients to allegedly make your mornings functional after a night of drinking

Rustam Singh

Reclaiming Life's Colors

Breaking one of the biggest taboos in Indian society – Hindu widows celebrating the festival of colors, Holi

Prerna Raturi

Here's How Watching His Wife Suffer Inspired India's 'Menstruation Man'

From wearing a fake rubber bladder filled with animal blood to social outcast by his friends and his wife abandoning him, the 'Menstruation Man' had a lot of struggles

Rustam Singh

Women Employees Hope for Equal Opportunities in 2016

Statistics reveals the gender disparity at work places in India - some of them might disappoint you

Rustam Singh

Beyond Erin Brockovich and Mother India: Must-Watch Women's Movies

Here are the best Bechdel test for movies: where at least two women talk to each other about something other than a man.

Prerna Raturi

Smashing the Patriarchy: Online Lingerie Store by Women, for Women

Online lingerie store for women and by women offers privacy and choice to women across India

Sneha Banerjee