Women Employees Hope for Equal Opportunities in 2016

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Despite centuries of women rights movements, petitions, modern activism, gender sensitivity studies, sexual and social empowerment, women seem to be still be lacking in several forms of equal opportunities and representation. With the objective to improve equal employment opportunities between men and women at all levels of business, Michael Page India, the specialist recruitment firm, has conducted a survey called "Women@Page'. The survey has brought the attention of a pressing need to emphasise on women's rights and present equal opportunity, safe spaces and helping women grow.


Although the study was conducted on a relatively small field of audience and therefore lacks an official verification over the repercussions and representation, responses from around 300 women employees from mid-senior level, drew a comparison between their male and female employs in India.

Some facts revealed included:

  • Indian women are less confident about their job search, with only 68% confident about finding a job within the next three months

  • 28% women are not satisfied with their current salary, higher than the 23% Asia Pacific average

  • 17% women are not satisfied with their job security, lower than their male colleagues (21%) and the Asia Pacific average (22%)

  • 32% women are satisfied with their opportunity for promotion in the next 12 months, higher than their male colleagues (26%)

  • 54% of women in India are not considering working overseas in the near future

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