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Great Resignation or Great Redirection?

The Great Resignation is on all of our minds, but do we really understand its significance?


How Billionaires Warren Buffett, Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey Strike the Balance Between Life and Leadership

Over long and lucrative careers, they've learned how to avoid burnout on their quests for success.

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6 Tips for Staying Off Your Phone During a Much-Needed Vacation From Your Business

The temptation to use your phone during vacation can be overwhelming. It's equally tempting for your team to reach out to you. Here's how to minimize both.


Looking to Find Work-Life Harmony? 7 Authors Offer Advice for Fulfillment.

Finding the right way to balance your work and home responsibilities to avoid heavy-duty stress can be hard.

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A Breast Cancer Diagnosis Ultimately Transformed My Life and Business for the Better

The hard process of treatment and recovery also fueled an opportunity to transform my business into one that better supports the life I want.

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11 Effective Ways to Cope with Entrepreneurial Stress

The negative health consequences of unchecked stress are well known, but these simple methods will short-circuit it and increase productivity.

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3 Ways to Stay Family-Focused in the Face of a Demanding Career

A winning work-life balance is often seen as a lofty dream, but with some applied structure and discipline, it's not just possible, but instrumental in becoming your best self.

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Bestselling Author James Patterson Shares His Advice for Entrepreneurs: 'Build a Business You Never Want to Retire From'

I interviewed Patterson about his new book, 'The Defense Lawyer,' and heard his thoughts on life, writing, business and chasing your dreams.


Be Grateful Your Business Isn't an Overnight Success

How to become the person you need to be and see sustainable business growth.


How the World's Wealthiest and Most Successful Entrepreneurs Use Their Free Time

Actions turn into habits, which build productivity -- the make-or-break determinant of success or failure.

Growing a Business

Why Hard Work Alone Isn't Enough

Laboring long hours as a business owner can be a virtue, but it can also lead to burnout: why finding ways to make things easier on yourself - and happier for yourself - is vital to long-term success.

Growing a Business

This Is What Separates a Thriving Company From a Dying One

How updating our old work models to optimization-focused ones can help us work more efficiently and achieve more growth.

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Meditation Sucks. Do This Instead.

The invisible power tool you need to think differently, have richer relationships and sleep like a rock in 2022.


Having Fun Will Make You More Productive in 2022. Are You Ready to Play?

Now more than ever, we should allow ourselves to push the reset button.

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7 Tips to Avoid Burnout When Growing a Business

Owning your business means always keeping the fire going. But it also means burnout could be just around the corner. Learn how to keep your flame lit and avoid burnout.