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5 Tips for Balancing Full-Time Work and Family

Balancing a family and working full-time can be difficult, but here are five unique pieces of advice for accomplishing it.


Building a Whole Life, Not Just a Career

How a heatmap can help you create a whole life with more fun, balance and rest.

Business News

UK Rethinks Work: 'The New Frontier For Competition is Quality of Life'

Can a four-day work week improve performance? The UK is about to find out.

Growth Strategies

Making It Work: How To Get Through Difficult Situations In The Workplace

It is important to reflect and embrace your triggers, and further use it as a sign to keep going, and not allow them to interfere in your career goals.


Slash Lifestyle: Exploring the Hidden Self

Doing what you are interested in is the key to a successful slash lifestyle.


This Entrepreneur Believes the 9-to-5 Work Week Is Dead. So She Created a Platform That Matches Talent With Project-Based Work.

The founder of NuuWork shares how her company will help people navigate the future of project-based employment.


This is What It's Actually Like to Work a 4-Day Workweek

We talked to founders of three companies that made the leap.

Thought Leaders

How To Regain Work/Life Balance

Be more productive in (and out of) the office.


I Burned Out. Here's How I Bounced Back Fast.

If I recovered from burnout, you can too.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

The Line Between Your Professional and Personal Lives Is Blurring — and That's a Good Thing

The rise of remote work has made it much harder to know how to keep good people. The secret to retention may be simpler than we realize.

Starting a Business

5 Ways for Solopreneurs to Sustain Momentum and Thrive

Whether you choose the solo route or not, so long as you have passion and purpose, you have the power to make a positive impact on the world.


It's Not Wrong to Put Work First

If you feel as though you're constantly juggling family time with your dream as an entrepreneur, it's time to reframe. Instead of feeling guilty, you need to recognize that you're not wrong for prioritizing work.


How the 'Rule of Thirds' Can Fuel Work-Life Balance

Breaking your day into three broad categories can harmoniously integrate passion and purpose.

Thought Leaders

5 Strategies to Achieve a Balance Between Passion and Personal Growth

Don't succumb to entrepreneurial burnout -- instead, take care of your four pillars of life equally.


Gen Z Wants This More Than Flexibility at Work

Employers will attract and retain more Gen Z talent if they can provide this.