Bradley Hook

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Partner, Resilience Institute Global

A globally recognized resilience innovator, keynote speaker and creative technologist, Brad Hook has worked across multiple industries both in digital and human performance. He's also directed a documentary and authored multiple books.



Bastan 9.6 minutos de tu día para mejorarte a ti mismo. ¿Te atreves?

Los micro hábitos son el antídoto para un mundo caótico y ofrecen un camino hacia el cambio sostenible.


Your Values Can Be Compromised When You're Under Stress. Here's How to Get Them Aligned Again.

Core values change based on the state of our nervous system and our body's physiological response to stress. Use these tips for shifting from fight, flight or freeze into calm and building values as micro-habits.


Improving Yourself Takes 9.6 Minutes of Work Each Day

Micro-habits are the antidote to a chaotic world, offering a pathway to sustainable change.

Health & Wellness

5 Master Skills Supporting Resilient Leadership in Turbulent Times

To stay resilient during challenging times requires focusing on these five factors that we can control.

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