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3 Ways Kobe Bryant's Insane Work Ethic Can Transform Our Business

The way that NBA great Kobe Bryant relentlessly tried to be the best can be an inspiration to all.

Thought Leaders

Albert Einstein's Messy Desk Highlights The Surprising Link Between Clutter And Intelligence

Disorganized desktop? It might mean you're a genius.

Growth Strategies

Engaging the Millennial Workforce

Contrary to what is generally assumed, millennials are highly focused and yearn for a working environment that challenge them to put their best foot forward in everything they do


Breaking an Age-Old Barrier in the Indian Tech Industry

Sincere efforts like HR policies on conveyance, flexible working hours, work-from-home, parental leave, anti-harassment policies and health care can together lead to a substantial rise in female employees

Growth Strategies

Importance of Great Infrastructure for a Healthy Working Environment

Healthy work environments gives positive energy to employees resulting in businesses making more profits

Growth Strategies

5 Ways You Can Increase Productivity At Work With The Right Lighting

One of the most striking factors influencing how one works is the type of lighting they are exposed to, here's how you can ensure your office adopts the right lighting techniques to increase productivity

Growth Strategies

Here is Why You Should Adopt a Pet-friendly Office Policy

Pets let employees engage more with each other despite being in different teams and streams

Starting a Business

Four Things to Consider When Deciding a Perfect Location for Your Startup

Finding the right location is one of the most critical factors that can determine the potential success of your business.

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Capture, Create & Colour: Purpose-driven Work Space Can Inspire Employees

Companies should look for ways to motivate employees by designing their offices to be physical representations of their brands


5-point Mantra for Work-Life Balance in Your Startup

Productivity scores extremely higher than the time or number of hours someone spends at work


Know About #40 Coolest Co-Working Spaces In India

The rise seen in the number of coworking spaces has made it the biggest trend the startup ecosystem saw this year.


Crafting the Employee Experience: How to Improve Work Culture at Your Office

Gone are the days when salary alone was the deciding factor for an employee!


How Does An Organization's Customer-Oriented Culture Deeply Impact Customer Experience?

The more attention we give to the customers' needs, the more valuable they become to a business.

Growth Strategies

It's The End Of Work As We Know It

It will be interesting to see how the future of work evolves, sustains and changes how work is done in times to come.

Growth Strategies

8 Tips To Become More Productive From Your Home Office

A home office is not the place where we are normally the most productive.