5 Ways You Can Increase Productivity At Work With The Right Lighting One of the most striking factors influencing how one works is the type of lighting they are exposed to, here's how you can ensure your office adopts the right lighting techniques to increase productivity

By Radeesh Shetty

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Office lighting is no light matter. More often than not, founders miss out on considering the impact lighting can have on a workspace. After all, kick-starting a company is not an easy task. However, overlooking such details sets in motion a slow and steady slump in productivity. If you have already recognised this problem and are looking at switching things up, a rudimentary concept you should keep in mind while revamping your lighting- regular and sufficient exposure to bright lights has a positive impact on employees. It makes them comfortable, helps in reducing anxiety, depression, fatigue and reduces the onset of computer vision syndrome as well.

While the choice of lighting is essential, the thought behind matching lights with the tasks undertaken at the place of work is equally important. And if you are on the verge of building your own workspace or are considering a lighting update, these five tips will play an essential part in helping you plan your way.

  • Pick Lighting Basis The Function Of The Room

In order to decide the lighting of any workspace, the crucial first step is to know the function of the room. Whether it will be a meeting room, conference room or booth. Here are the types of lighting basis the function:

  • Ambient lighting: Used in places like conference rooms, hallways, and reception areas require brighter lighting to illuminate the entire area. If you are looking at longevity, LED lights would be ideal for most fixtures.

  • Accent lighting: Lighting for smaller spaces such as team booths or display panels. Wherein the light is directed towards what you would like to highlight. Some examples would be track lighting, under-cabinet lights and LED tape lights.

  • Task lighting: This helps in lighting up specific tasks where ambient light is already present. From reading and writing to working with your hands. Task lights for example- desk and floor lamps, under cabinet and vanity lights. These are easy to install and maintain and are widely used in most workspaces.

  • Layering Natural Light and Artificial Light Together

Keep in mind where and how much natural light is available and then use artificial lights in conjunction. Artificial lights become more pertinent as the natural light goes down.

  • Knowing The Right Colour Temperature of Light

Light appearance is measured in temperature, using the Kelvin scale and the best-suited lights for a workspace usually have a temperature of over 5000k. This temperature is usually referred to as daylight, which ensures high visibility.

  • The Importance of A Dimmer

Control on how much light a fixture emits is a crucial point to look out for when purchasing lights for conference rooms and common areas, which serve as recreational spots. Hence, more and more brands are heading towards the use of dimmers or automated and controlled lighting.

  • Decorative Lighting

After planning the essential lighting, a workplace should also invest in decorative lighting, which helps in defining the character of the office. Spaces like breakout rooms or a pantry, which are lit with beautiful decorative lights, can lend to an instant change in mood.

The ideal lighting involves a judicious combination of natural light, artificial and decorative light, which lends to overall satisfaction, boosts energy, happiness and willingness to work.

Radeesh Shetty

Director of The Purple Turtles

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