Writing a Book

5 Business-Expanding Benefits of Collaborative Book Publications

Why writing just one chapter in a multi-author book can exponentially grow your bottom line.

Hayley Paige

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Get the Right Blurbs for Their Books

Blurbs, also known as endorsements, are an important element of book publishing. But who should you ask, and how can you get them to say yes?

Anna David

5 Strategies to Writing a Book That Will Build Authority

If you want to build authority and get recognized as an expert in your craft, writing a book is a great way to do that. Here are five tips to writing a book and building your brand while doing it.

Divya Parekh

Should You Self-Publish Your Book?

The advantages of self-publishing versus chasing down a traditional publishing contract are numerous.

How to Get Your Book Out of Your Head and Into Reality

At least 95 percent of people who want to write a book never get started -- don't become one of them.

Writing a Book to Grow Your Thought Leadership? Here's What You Shouldn't Waste Your Time Worrying About.

When it comes to launching their first book, many entrepreneurs sweat the small stuff while ignoring what really matters.

Anna David

What Makes a Good Book Coach?

If book coaches do their job well, you eventually won't need them anymore.

Why Entrepreneurs Are Well-Equipped to Write Powerful Books

You're already a sophisticated storyteller. Here are four tips to bootstrap your business experience and become an author.

It's Time You Finally Wrote Your First Novel

Get started already. Learn how to write your book.

4 Science-Backed Tips for First-Time Authors Dealing With Writer's Block

Writer's block can attack just about anybody. Success, however, comes from knowing how to best respond.

Josh Steimle

The Ultimate List of Book Author Tools

Having the right tools is essential to success.


7 Ways Digital Mentors and Freelancers Can Build a Personal Brand

Develop a personal brand in the digital space to get the maximum number of customers.