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How Broderick's Bueller Can Deliver Your Business Super Bowl Buzz

Posted by Tyson Goodridge | February 1, 2012

Ferris BuellerThis year, there is plenty of pre-game buzz about the Super Bowl ads right? You're nodding your head, saying "Yep, I've seen the Seinfeld and the Acura commercial, Matthew Broderick and Honda, and of course the continuation of Volkswagen's 'Star Wars' theme." 

These big brands have deep pockets to create impactful, creative and fun ads. And you, as an entrepreneur, don't.

But with a little creative thinking and some savvy use of social media, you too can get some attention -- and generate a little buzz about your own product or service. How? You're going to newsjack the Super Bowl.

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What? That's right, you're going to follow the online buzz about all of the advertisements; piggy back on a brand's funny/witty advertisement and tell your own story.

Here's your newsjacking guide in three easy steps:

Step 1: Head over to Brand Bowl, a project organized by a Boston ad agency and presented on, and start monitoring the pre-game, social-media buzz. Log in to your Twitter account and set up a search for #brandbowl to get a feel for what's happening the next few days.

Step 2: Quickly read David Meerman Scott's 30-minute book, Newsjacking, and learn the basics of Newsjacking. If you don't have time, here is the gist:

Monitor Google news and social media -- looking for ways to tie a product pitch/stunt/announcement to breaking news. Here are some examples of successful newsjacking incidents.

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Step 3: Get Creative. There's plenty of buzz already around the Super Bowl, so why not try the following? (Note: It may help to quickly look at the videos referenced above.)

How is your business taking advantage of the Super Bowl? Leave a comment and let us know.