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I am pre-startup and need a mentor for my jewelry e-business.

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I have contacted SCORE, am working with the SBA and am hooked up with The Enterprise Institute at San Diego State University. I still can't find a mentor. I need to talk to a successful individual who started like me, alone and without much money. No one can point me to someone who's been successful strictly online. My idea is will help women celebrate their accomplishments and experiences. Where do I go?

You have made excellent steps toward getting your business started successfully. Finding a mentor who is a good fit is, as you are finding, not always an easy task. There is a terrific website,, that will provide an online community

It may well be that the mentoring you need will not come from just one person. I would suggest you make a list of the questions you would like a mentor to help you address. Do you see different areas of expertise?

When I started my direct-selling company, I had one person I met with for financial issues, another for organizational issues and a third for IT solutions. 

When you approach a potential mentor, be respectful of his or her time and energy commitment. Many "successful individuals who started like [you], alone and without much money" are still extremely busy running those businesses. Be prepared to be very clear about what you would like from them in terms of assistance, how much time you would like and how often, and what they will receive in return.

Until you find your mentor(s), read everything you can get your hands on about your business and starting a business. Potential mentors will be impressed by the effort you are already putting forth. Good luck

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