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Elements Of The Accounting System: Chart Of Accounts

The first step in your accounting system, a chart of accounts lists the accounts you want to track.

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The first step in setting up an accounting system for your business is deciding what you want to track. A chart of accounts is simply a list of your accounts and is kept by every business to record and follow specific entries. Whether you decide to use a manual system or a software program, you can customize the chart of accounts to your business.

Account numbers are used as an easy account identification system. For most businesses, a three-number system will suffice; however, a four-number system is sometimes used for more complex ventures. The chart of accounts is the fuel for your accounting system. After the chart of accounts, you establish a general ledger system, which is the engine that actually runs your accounting system on a daily basis.

The chart of accounts is the foundation on which you will build your accounting system. Take care to set up your chart of accounts right the first time. Keep your account descriptions as concise as possible. And leave plenty of room in your numbering system to add accounts in the future.

Excerpted from Start Your Own Business: The Only Start-Up Book You'll Ever Need, by Rieva Lesonsky and the Staff of Entrepreneur Magazine, © 1998 Entrepreneur Press