Day #2: 10 Sparklers Made by Indie Merchants -- Our Jewelry Picks

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Editor's Note: We're rolling out 10 Days of Indie Merchant Gifts, in our annual celebration of the artists, craftspeople, designers and other independent merchants who make one-of-a-kind products. See yesterday's list of gifts for pets

We were flooded with more than 70 entries in the "jewelry" category when we asked for submissions for this year's Indie Merchant Holiday Gift Guide -- and what a beautiful problem to have.

In choosing our top picks (all priced under $50), we gave a lot of weight to the stories behind the products. After all, the story is how independent merchants can stand out from the mass-produced big guys. How often, when shopping in a big-box store, do you hear how an artist was inspired to create a pair of pretty earrings, or a dangly necklace? Probably never. So we factored in our merchants' tale of inspiration, plus we chose items for their uniqueness and value.