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How to Repurpose Content for Your Online Marketing

This story originally appeared on PR Newswire's Small Business PR Toolkit

Content marketing is unlimited, but content itself—well, there's only so much to go around. That's a reason why finding inspiration and new ideas for blogs is such a challenge for marketers.

Repurpose content by using it in different ways to squeeze the most out of every drop of information. It enables you to reach customers using different media, it saves your marketing budget and it's brilliant for your SEO efforts.

Identify Your Topic

Fine-tune your choice and select your primary method of using it. The most common ways for first-time usage are:

  • Blog post (own or guest blog)
  • Article
  • Web page

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Create your original content using researched keywords and SEO best practices. It's vitally important if you plan to repurpose content that you post it correctly each time, or it won't be effective. Let's use the example of installing a light bulb. Your blog post could cover the steps involved in doing so, while an article could focus on the reasons to do so.

Make a Slide Show

Every post or article with subheadings gives you the perfect opportunity to create a slide show presentation. For the light bulb example, each step could be a new slide. You may not plan to present it live, but you can embed a link to the slide show right on the same page as the original and because it's in a different format, it becomes fresh content. Upload it on a platform such as SlideShare, once again SEOing it correctly, and it will start working for you right away.

Create an Infographic

Remember a few years ago when Visual Basic became all the rage, and no business report was considered complete without a graphic to illustrate the content? Well, infographics are the modern version of that, and you don't have to be an artist to create them. Use free software such as Piktochart to input the points to highlight, click "go" and your infographic gets created automatically. All you have to customize are the fonts and colors and you're ready to repurpose content in a novel way.

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Film a Video

Let's assume you've followed the steps above and now have a blog post and a slide presentation about your topic. You can:

  • Convert the slide show to a YouTube format and add music to it.
  • Have someone present or read the information in front of a camera. "Talking head" videos are currently a very popular method of disseminating information, because viewers can absorb it more easily when they hear it than by reading it, and the presenter provides a focal point to keep their attention.
  • Use the copy to develop a script for a video demonstration. For example, with the light bulb analogy you could film the process and then add a voiceover afterwards.

Record a Podcast

This is particularly useful if you have a relationship with your local radio station and want to get clips of promotional information out there. Repurpose content by reading the post yourself (or find someone with a good reading voice to do it for you), then promote the podcast on your social media profiles and embed it on your website. Each time, remember to tag it with your keywords to ensure it gets the search engine attention you need.

Make a Photo Gallery

Installing a light bulb may not be wildly exciting, but it's a visual process and if you can film it, you can take still photos as well. Upload these to your website and turn them into a screen show or a photo gallery, and add captions that make it useful and easy for readers to follow. Photo galleries are popular and can be shared using media such as Instagram and SnapChat.

When you've used every method you can to repurpose content, share each piece in rotation on your social media pages to get the most mileage out of your efforts.

Written by Steve Lazuka, founder of Interact Media.

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