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5 Pointers for Finding a Quiet Place to Work on the Road

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Working on the road is stressful: The balancing act of traveling, having in-person meetings and staying on top of everyday tasks and responsibilities is a lot to take on.

That's why it's important to have a few road-warrior hacks up your sleeve so you can find a quiet place to get work done. Whether you need a quiet space for a few moments or several hours, just remember these five tips and you'll be responding to emails in no time.

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1. Try a hotel restaurant, lobby or boardroom.

The days of guiltily sneaking into a hotel to use amenities are gone. One hotel embracing this way of thinking is Marriott with its Workspace on Demand program.

Workspace on Demand welcomes anyone, not just hotel guests, to rent a desk, table or private boardroom for however long is necessary. Whether it's just to check emails for an hour or work the entire day, Marriott spaces can be reserved online and come with complimentary Wi-Fi.

Expect a good amount of electrical plugs, too.

The public spaces include tables and lounge areas in the lobby, and communal tables or small or high-top ones in the hotel's restaurants. They're free to use and reserve. Boardroom reservation fees can be as low as $16 an hour but some rent for more than $100 an hour.

2. Seek a boutique coffee shop.

While the big-chain coffe shop almost always is reliable and convenient, opt for a boutique cafe if you can.

Read Yelp reviews first and look for ones that cater to students and remote workers. A coffee shop in close proximity to a university or college is usually a great place to work from, especially if it advertises a strict no-phone calls policy.

Besides offering the luxury of silence, expect free Wi-Fi and, of course, caffeine.

In my experience I've found boutique coffee shops to be a bit quieter and less of a meeting and chatting place.

3. Libraries can be a distraction-free zone.

While in some communities Wi-Fi might not be available to you as a library guest without a registered card, working from a library is still a great place to concentrate without distraction (Facebook, emails). This is especially true if you have something important to do like making last-minute edits to a presentation or giving a run-through of a report before the next meeting.

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4. Try a co-working space for an officelike feel.

Co-working spaces are popping up everywhere across the county. While there is typically a fee to work in such spaces during the day (somewhere in the range of $10 for a shared desk or $20 for a more spacious single desk at a place like Work. by the Office Stylist in Sherman Oaks, Calif.) but the comfort and dependable setup is typically worth it.

Selecting one of these spaces means you have regular office amenities at your fingertips as well as the energy you might miss otherwise.

5. Pack headphones just in case.

No matter how much research you might have done to find the perfect space to put your head down and work for a few hours, always expect the unexpected. Whether the person next to you decides to take a business call that just can't wait or his or her text message alert continues to go off, pack noise-canceling earbuds just to be safe. Don't let one person kill your productivity.

Editor's Note: Entrepreneur Media is an investor and partner with AlleyNYC, a co-working space in New York City.

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