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3 Ways to Create Customer Experiences That Boost Sales

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Businesses must provide high quality products and services, but customers frequently remember the details related to their customer experience far better than the actual product or service that they purchased. Even little details can enhance their overall experience and make a difference in terms of how a customer feels about their purchase. Given that e-commerce is driving an increased amount of retail growth, it is more important than ever for retailers to focus on developing customer experiences that enables them to grow and retain their customer base. This is crucial given the ever-increasing competitive business landscape.

1. Recognition.

One of the most important steps you can take to create and enhance customer experiences is to personally recognize your customer when they return to make future purchases. It is this personalized treatment that adds true value to a purchase, and injects tremendous loyalty into your customer base. Evaluate your business operations to for areas where you can ensure that your customers know you are paying attention to their purchases. Remember their preferences and cater to their needs with every transaction. Customers are more likely to return to those businesses that take the time to demonstrate that they remember them and their preferences.

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2. Personalization.

Among the great benefits of ecommerce are the sheer number of options your business can provide customers, including discounts, sneak previews and more. While customers appreciate these offerings, it is also important to focus on providing customers with personalized shopping experiences. Integrating interactive experiences along with in-store shopping is an excellent way to do this.

Info Tech Spotlight reports that customers expect VIP treatment from brands in both online and in-person shopping experiences. Providing customers with the same personalized experience when shopping online as they receive when they are in the store can go a long way toward encouraging repeat business. Great ways to interject a personalized shopping experience into an e-commerce platform is to offer access to video chat when customers have questions.

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3. Tap into emotions.

For many consumers, shopping is an emotionally driven experience. Whether it is shopping for a special event or occasion, consumers are seeking opportunities to connect those events with their shopping experiences. One way to do this is to provide consumers with the option to build shopping lists and share with friends. Along with seeing what people close them are shopping for, these lists also make it possible for consumers to save the products they like for future reference, increasing the chance of making a sale.

Walmart is an example of one brand that has done an excellent job in this regard by helping consumers to merge their physical and digital experiences. Their mobile app makes it possible for users to create shopping lists using either voice input, or by scanning bar codes while they are actually shopping.

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