Want to succeed efficiently? Give top notch customer service [Infographic]

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None of us like the experience of a bad customer service. Companies and startups are trying to put their best foot forward, however in the pursuit get ahead many companies do forget to put special emphasize on a factor that can break the company’s image.  It is very important to have the best customer service otherwise in today’s day and age, where people just blurt out everything on social media, the image of a business can be hammered hard.

We came across an excellent infographic by sales force desk that shows the perils of a bad customer service. The very first factor that caught our attention is that over 60% people who experienced bad service went to a competitor. It is the need of the hour to provide the best and hire best agents to manage customers. You do not want to lose potential buyers and money providers because one of your employees did not talk properly or provide the right info. If one puts special attention here and just listens to the customer carefully, you should be in the clear. Take a look at the rest of the infographic. Take a cue from the Indian hospitality business who go by the saying “customer is always right”. 

Sulabh Puri

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