Book Review: Primed To Perform, By Neel Doshi & Lindsay McGregor

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Corporate culture is a critical building block in performance, and according to the authors, too many corporations are losing out. Why? Because companies sometimes don’t understand that why people work is directly related to how people work.

Image credit: HarperCollins.

Part one of Primed to Perform breaks down the six main motivators for people who work and introduces the science of “total motivation” (referred to as ToMo). Part two of the book discusses the science of motivation and performance, the latter broken down into two types: tactical and adaptive. 

The discussion surrounding tactical and adaptive performance is fascinating and provides real insight on how to get the best of both, paired with the idea of total motivation to create a high performance culture in the workplace. Some parts of this book tap into how to get the best out of every employee while keeping happiness and motivation at the forefront- a true formula for success. 

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