Have an Interesting Old Blog Post? Here Are 8 Ways to Go Back and Promote Them!

There are several great examples of bloggers who have utilized a well-written post over a long period to boost blog readership

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The fact remains that creating new content every single day is a tough job, and finding new topics is even tougher. If you analyze your blog, you will see that there are two kind of posts on the blog; one older and the other, newly published. While the new one being published recently has few hundreds of views and shares, other older post has the same number at a few thousands. Therefore, which blog post would be more valuable to you? The answer would definitely be the latter due to its popularity. The older posts mature over time, have more views and are shared more often. These posts are the key to growing a blog and taking it to next level.

If you are serious about content marketing then forgetting the published posts to create new heaps of content is not a good idea at all; promoting older posts to maximize ROI is. Let’s understand how that can be done:


Email Marketing

This is probably one of the must feasible ways to promote your old posts. While sending the welcome email, you can add links to some of the most popular old posts – saying ‘here are a few posts that you might find useful’. This is a proven way to promote your published content. A catchy copy can work wonders in promotion of posts through email.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the biggest tools used by bloggers to maximize the reach of their posts. The same can be used to promote your popular content, be it an infographic or a blog post. When it comes to social media marketing, choosing the right channels for your posts is most critical.

Google Trends

There are times when even your in-demand topics may not receive optimal traffic. There can be several reasons like competition, engagement or even use of keywords. One way to ensure traffic on such posts is to use keyword planner and change some keywords

Relative posts Plugins

Most of the bloggers these days tend to add relative posts plugin in the blogs, which displays identical posts at the end of each post. This increases the chances of a reader to view the older post and henceforth increases traffic.

Internal linking

Another common practice used by bloggers to promote older posts is interlinking. If you can somehow link your older post to newer ones, there is a good chance of funneling the received traffic. One should always look for ways to interlink their old posts to new one while developing them. However, interlinking should not be done just for the sake of it. It should also add value to the post, look natural and should not disappoint a reader. Relevance & usefulness should always be the focus points while doing internal linking of posts.

Navigation Interlinking

Other than internal linking, you can also use navigation linking by linking some post in the sidebar. You could also highlight such posts on the homepage as featured posts. Another best practice is to republish such articles or update them with new information.

Weekly Roundup

Every week you can do a roundup of most popular stories that your readers might have missed in the previous week. Much like internal linking, weekly roundups also help you leverage upon boosting viewership of older posts.

Mention the Old Posts in Comments (With links):

One of the clever moves used by bloggers to easily promote their older posts is promoting them in comments. If a reader posts a comment about a particular post, you can reply to that comment and publish the link to another good, old, popular post, asking the user to go through that link for more information. However, you must keep in mind that the link must be relevant and add value to the comment. Otherwise, it will just act as spam and would end up reducing user engagement.

 One should not look at the value of the blog in terms of a few thousand views that it gets right away with latest posts, but tens of thousands of views it gets over the course of time. There are several great examples of bloggers who have utilized a well-written post over a long period to boost blog readership. The above-mentioned points revolve around different ways, which can easily drive traffic to old posts on your blog. Rather than coming up with a new idea every week, the best practice to enhance ROI from your blog would be to promote older posts. 

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