Degrees No More The Bar For Getting Jobs In India Say These Top 4 Home-Grown Job Portals

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Digital world of job is pacing a new lead by blue collar job providers in market! Is digital hiring changing the landscape from degree-based hiring to skill based hiring?

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Often do we see most of the online job portals and publishing companies classifying ads for varied vacancies, but seldom have we come across a portal offering job to a semi-skilled worker like a beautician, driver etc. In a past few years, we have seen a dynamic shift in the process and business of digital hiring on web.

There is a notable change in opting and availing jobs in digital space, which is being made by the blue-collar job portals. The blue or grey collar job portals are giving new space and lead to those semi-skilled workers who undergo the non-availability of information and jobs in India.  

Employers, across the sectors who demand for skillful employees are getting easy options available through these blue collar job portals. This new category of job portals also help employers reduce their training cost & lead to higher productivity. But the moot quesiton is, are these job portals transitioning India to skilled-based workers to degree-based workers?

Let's take a look at the list of portals which are making difference in digital hiring with their new idea, approach and pace on web.


"India is in midst of incredible change, with technology and better job opportunities at the core of that change. It's awesome to play a part in that change and get swept up in that hope." said Sean Blagsvedt, founder of is an online platform which is connecting semi-skilled job seekers to employers on a common platform. Inspired by the research paper written by an Indian IAS officer, Sean Blagsvedt founded about eight years ago. is a stopover for every aspiring skilled based worker which includes, nurses, beauticians, BPO executives and more.

“Degree based workers have had the benefit of placement offices and online tools for some time, what Babajob is doing is leveling the playing field by allowing all workers to see their available career options. And, make the best possible choice with all the available information at their fingertips.” said the co-founder of, Vir Kashyap.

The portal has taken an interesting lead in market in the last 5 years. Recently, it has been added as the 12th member of Facebook’s SME Council to help Indian SMEs. The team of is all set to hit Indonesian and Malaysian markets in the days to come. 

  • is evolving the era  of digital hiring through its easily accessible mobile app and website by connecting semi-skilled workers to employers. This web portal is leading itself as India’s no.1 blue collar job provider on web. Currently, the team of is helping in digitalization of non-tech savvy jobseekers & transitioning India’s SMEs from reference based job engagement to technology based hiring.

“Degree to skill based transition would happen once adequate skill development infra is in place to develop skilled workers. Presently, unorganized sector’s workers are trained on the job itself.” said the co-founder of, Farooq Lari.

The portal helps SMEs extensively, as the team recently covered 35% of monthly revenue contribution from repeat sales that clearly accentuates the fact that SMEs are getting benefited & have started relying on digital hiring instead of traditional methods. (Inputs given by co-founder regarding sales and revenue)

  • is an active solution provider to those employers who are in search of engaging and fresh candidates to groom them in their work culture easily. is a platform that enables large employers to source, interview and select candidates from tier 2/3/4 cities. With deeper penetration of 3G, 4G in wide variety of smart phones, the era is evolving with a new pace.

“The new age mobile based Job Apps like FirstJob have taken Digital Hiring for SME's to a new level of ease by enabling Video Auditions and Aadhar based KYC for candidates.” said the co-founder of, Arvind Singh. Sectors which are getting more responses are technology (both web and mobile),BFSI and other consumer services. 


Identifying a recurring problem in informal job sector, was co-founded by Dinesh Goel and Aditya Goel in 2013.This blue-collar job portal follows the meaning of its company’s name i.e. Aasan and intends to ease work of everyone from job seekers to employers to the employees who are working in organization. The digitally driven team of works on an easy and professional manner.

To ease the whole process, they create the digital identity for every candidate so that each one of them is visible to the employers. They also launch the outreach programme to aware more candidates and get them on the list of candidates.