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Have a Burning Business Question? Ask Our Marketing Expert Ryan Bonnici.

Considered a maverick in the world of marketing, Ryan Bonnici of HubSpot is looking to answer your questions related to digital, content, inbound and social media marketing.

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Marketing. Entrepreneurs can no longer just focus on the traditional four P's: place, product, promotion and price. It now encompasses so much more -- everything from branding to ad placement and social media campaigns. Fortunately, we have Ryan Bonnici, marketing director at HubSpot, a company providing inbound marketing software, to help us maneuver this expansive area.  

Ryan Bonnici

Considered a jack-of-all trades, Bonnici's skills have helped large Fortune 100 companies turn their marketing plans around and get results.

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“From day one at my last job I was seen as a bit of a maverick. I frequently questioned the status quo, and always wanted to push the boundaries of what was possible and achieve bigger goals than others thought were possible," Bonnici tells us. "Some people think of my approach as a little unusual and full on, but it’s simply how I’m wired."

And it seems to work. At HubSpot, Bonnici created the most successful global lead generation campaign ever, according to him. He, along with his team, developed a free email signature tool. It cost $6,000 to make, but is on target to generate more than 100,000 leads, all of which are organic.

Prior to HubSpot, Bonnici spent time at Salesforce where, after his first promotion, he became the youngest director working at the company. While he was at Salesforce, he built the B2B enterprise marketing playbook, which was tasked with sourcing and influencing sales opportunities for a 100-plus sales team.  

Bonnici also worked at Microsoft where he reinvigorated the consumer side of the business and developed a range of online marketing programs to increase digital sales (as a result of in-person sales declining).

So, as you can see Bonnici's marketing skillset runs the gamut – and he is looking to share what he learned with aspiring entrepreneurs.

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"Innovation, ideation and disruption are three things that are incredibly important to me. I think at the heart of every entrepreneur, there lies a burning desire to do some or all of these things," says Bonnici. "Because I feel these things so deeply, and have been lucky to have amazing mentors throughout my career, I want to pay the love back and help others out."

For the month of January, we are thrilled to have Bonnici as our Ask the Expert. He is looking to take your questions on digital marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing and basically anything related to marketing. He is also comfortable answering career progression and leadership development questions.

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