Mobile Livestreaming Comes To YouTube

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YouTube has launched a new mobile livestream feature, thus strengthening its position in the livestream sphere. For now, the feature will only be available to "Creators" with more than 10,000 subscribers, but it will soon roll out for all users. If you happen to have more than 10,000 subscribers, getting a mobile livestream going is a straightforward process as the feature has been built directly into the YouTube mobile app. All you have to do is open the mobile app, hit the capture button and you’re live. Streamed videos won’t be any different from regular YouTube videos in terms of features- they can still be searched for, found via recommendations and playlists, and they’re also still protected from unauthorized use.

YouTube has reportedly working with creators to refine this feature before launching it, using their feedback for some recommendations. For example, the chat has been slowed down, so you can actually read the messages in a stream. Another new feature that’ll accompany mobile livestreams is called Super Chat. YouTube has dubbed this “a new livestream monetization tool.” This will enable any fan watching a livestream to purchase a chat message that will be highlighted in bright colors and stay pinned to the top of the chat window for up to five hours. The idea behind this is to give viewers the best way to have their message noticed, while giving the livestreamer a chance to make some extra money.

YouTube has been in the livestream business for a while. Since 2011 to be exact, and it's continued to improve upon its service through offering 4K streams and supporting 360 degree live content. However, with competition like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat all making instant video sharing more mobile than ever with their live services, YouTube really had to bring its game up. As of now, we dont know how much a Super Chat message will cost, but its great for YouTubers as it will allow them to monetize their content in a way that other services don’t.

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