#10 Things Shepreneurs Should Remember Before Starting Out

Don't let anyone's narrow gender views or any kind of mansplaining demoralize you

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It’s not easy to make it in the start-up world, more so if you are a woman. However, like all great things, it’s not impossible either. 


For some reason, women are not particularly looked at as entrepreneurs, technologists and effective leaders. With a great idea, the right mindset and a strong support system, any woman can be on her way to make her entrepreneurial dreams come true. And if you’re an entrepreneur, your destiny is in your own hands, to a large extent.

One just needs to be focused and determined towards what one plans to seek because what you wish to seek is already seeking you.

Always try to be as creative as possible and think out of the box.

Innovation is the key for a successful start-up. The future of a start-up also depends on its market timing. The time you enter the market can tell a lot about your success.

All you need is the ‘Right time with Right people.’ You can run your start up smoothly with Team work. If you’ve the right team with you, no hurdle can come your way because in the end you are not the only one building a business, you’re the one building people and people are the ones building your business.

For women trying to move from an idea to a start-up in today’s business environment, here are some pieces of advice that could come handy.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you cannot

No matter how successful you become or how experienced you get, there will still be people who will make you feel that you just cannot. Don’t pay attention and keep going ahead because very few people actually want you to give your best.

Take a leap of faith

My advice to anyone with an idea for a start-up would be that if you believe in it, then to go ahead and start it and take a leap of faith. No one knows it all and everyone learns along the way- In the end you’ll regret the things you didn’t dare to do and not things you tried for. Failure and success are both a part of everyone’s lives and so we all should always hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. Going out of your comfort zone and coming up with something new might seem a bit difficult at first but trust me, it will all be worth it in the end.

Don’t take no for an answer

Don’t give up, don't take anything personally, and never take no for an answer — Be determined enough to handle everything with lots of patience and courage. There’ll be times when you would want to do nothing but give up, don’t! Keep moving forward in your journey and don’t encourage a ‘no’ for anything.

Don’t take Mansplaining seriously

Don't let anyone's narrow gender views or any kind of mansplaining demoralize you. Instead move on and find people and situations that will support your growth. We’ve almost entered 2018 but there are still a lot of areas where you will find gender discrimination. Rise above them all and don’t ever feel inferior or less powerful. Always try to be surrounded with positive people and seek inspiration.

Multi-tasking must become your forte

Women are inherently great at multi-tasking they can juggle many issues all at once and that is going to help a lot in business – Women are called home makers for all the right reasons. They can just manage and deal with anything and everything at the same time. Women are efficient and effective both at the same time so this helps them grow their business effectively day by day.

Be a great listener

Women have very high EQs and are great listeners. So be yourself, use your compassion as strength and you will be able to create a great team – If you start with something which interests you, there’s no turning back. It takes no time for your interest to become your passion and once you’re passionate towards something success is on your way.

Communicate well

Women are also great communicators who are able to communicate very well with external/intern stakeholders, clients, vendors, partners and consumers. Use that skill to the best of your ability –Be as expressive as you can and always communicate strongly. Put across all your points confidently and never take up opportunities you cannot give your 100% for.

Stay inspired and optimistic

Owning a business is the loneliest endeavour in the world and you will be let down a lot along the way. But be generous and optimistic and never let anything change that about you  -  Being positive and not getting affected by what others say is the best thing to do while you run a business so be calm and patient and give no importance to people who try to be a hurdle in your journey.

Master your time management skills

Work on developing successful time management skills because that is going to be key -  Managing your personal and professional life could be a bit tough at the beginning but once you get comfortable there’s nothing that can stop you. You will start learning to prioritise things and giving importance to the things that matter the most. 

Never be afraid to ask for help

Know when to ask for help, and seek assistance when you need it. Being in business does not mean you have to know it all – It is absolutely okay to not know something or to be a little unsure about something. Asking not only makes you a better communicator but also gives you more confident as to what to do when nut you should always know whom to approach in such situations. Approaching the wrong person can get you in trouble at times.