#4 Tips from Ratan Tata That will Lift All Entrepreneurs' Spirits

"Certainly, the world is full of great ideas, but success only comes through action"

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People often refer to names like the TATAs, Birlas and Ambanis that are brands in themselves to define success in business, but very few can actually tread the path that they have travelled and lead the lives that they have led in the formative years of their businesses.


Every entrepreneur in India looks up to these veterans to learn the tricks of the trade from them. But only a few are lucky enough to actually meet their idols and be trained under them.

But, nonetheless, having a mentor around is of great help to entrepreneurs in overcoming the day-to-day challenges. 

The legendary business tycoon and Tata Sons Chairman Emeritus, Ratan Tata, is a mentor to many aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them make a name for themselves. 

 In one of his interviews to a renowned media organization, Ratan Tata sent out a strong message to millennials saying, “Before any state, creed or religion, we should not forget that we are Indians.” He also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit among the youth.

In his 50-minute-long conversation with author Suhel Seth, the ‘Man of Steel’, as he is called, elucidated how the company tackled its ups and downs all these years. He also gave a three-minute tip for all millennials to follow.

First Tip - Do What You Believe is Right

“Entrepreneurs should do what they believe is right for them,” he advised and added that it didn’t matter how other people quantify the situation one is in. One should always learn to figure out what his/her thoughts tell him/her, and whether his/her set of beliefs will take him/her to the right destination.  

Second Tip - Pursue It Like There’s no Tomorrow

The second step is to pursue what one believes in. One’s dream will not turn into reality unless one pursues them. There are many who have plenty of ideas but only a few actually go ahead and execute it, he said. Tata said, “Certainly, the world is full of great ideas, but success only comes through action,” which is indeed true. His most important advice is if one strongly believes in an idea, one should never fear to put it into action.  

Third Tip - Aim to Make a Difference

In the third-step, the veteran industrialist encouraged youth to always aim for making a difference in whatever they do.  Whether the difference is disruptive or constructive, one should put in efforts like there is no tomorrow, stressed Tata. One should aim to deliver more than what is expected from him/her. It stands out to be a great practice to get noticed for the difference one is making, he added.  

Fourth Tip - Be Unified

The TATA boss also urged the nation’s youth to be united in business field and never forget that they are Indians first. He stressed that entrepreneurs should not lose the spirit. 

The successor of Tata Group said he strongly believes in a vision of unified India. 

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