Need Help Realizing Your Fitness Goals? Consider A Session With Redustim

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Researching ways to burn fat off our bodies is something most of us spend a lot of time doing, and that’s what led us to discover ReduStim, a class IIa medical device for abdominal fat reduction. As for how it actually does this, it’s based on the principle of cellular activation- ReduStim makes use of bio magnetic fields to stimulate the reduction of fat cell accumulation.


So, how does one actually make use of ReduStim? Well, you spend 30 minutes in this single-person device that envelopes your body from the waist down. During this clinically-recognized treatment -which is fully hands-free, non-invasive, non-aggressive and totally painless- the stored fat is eliminated though your body’s natural fat-burning process. A double-blind clinical trial demonstrated an average loss of more than 6 cm after twelve 30-minute sessions, while resulting in neither any side effects nor any impact on metabolism.

As for who should try it and why: well, it’s for all of you executives who spend a lot of time sitting, it’s as simple as that. After all, sitting is today widely considered as “the new smoking,” and as one of the most underrated health threats of the times we live in today. But the ReduStim device does much more for your health than just making you fit- it also eliminates the bad fat (abdominal or visceral) that is responsible for certain types of cardiovascular diseases, strokes, cancers and infertility, especially in obese patients.

Following its success in France, Cosmosoft, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of professional slimming equipment, opened an office in Dubai in order to meet the needs of the local distributors, one of which is ReduStim Middle East. Want to check the device out for yourself? If you’re in Dubai, head down to the Quality Life Medical Center in Dubai Marina for a session that will leave you feeling (and looking) better than you did before it.

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