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Every professional knows that no matter how much effort one invests in maintaining the natural glow of their skin, long hours spent indoors, wearing makeup every day (for women), or stress-caused unhealthy eating habits are some of the major culprits when it comes to dry skin and the magnification of wrinkles. Therefore, it was high time for me to visit a branch of Sisters Beauty Lounge, a UAE-based chain of beauty salons, for a deep cleansing facial using HydroPeptide skincare products. The US-based company has become known for its reliance on the power of peptides (fragments of proteins which are considered the fundamental building blocks of skin) to unclog pores, improve skin smoothness, and revitalize it from daily damage.


A HydroPeptide-based thorough facial cleanse is for those fighting acne, unbalanced complexion, photo-damage, dull complexion, or simply anyone who wishes to purge their skin from impurities. The warm and welcoming folks at Sisters Beauty Lounge JBR had me settled in the treatment room for what turned out to be an enjoyable, relaxing process. We started with a short consultation, after which I had the steamer working on opening my pores to enable the therapist to follow a usual procedure- cleanse, tone, extraction, mask, tone, and sunblock. An hour later, my skin was seriously bright and smooth, with there being no redness on my face thereafter- which is often a byproduct of other sessions of this type, but not so with HydroPeptide. Check out HydroPeptide’s products for yourself at, else book a session at

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