Banking on Your Ideas to Get You Series A Funding

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With India now being the startup capital of the world, it is natural that some of the most creative solutions to plaguing issues originate in India. Now, an idea needs motivation and improvisation if this has to progress and actually result in results. Venture Capital investments are one of the effective ways to further creative ideas and promote entrepreneurship.


Connecting smartly with investors – for Series A

Now, today’s venture capital investors have become smart and continually seek models that could stand out from the crowd. This means that even connecting with investors to raise Pre Series A and Series A funding (and mentorship) is a herculean task if your models are not smart.

Here, you would be required to delve beyond just fundraising, and actually focus on taking on the bull by the horn with respect to developing models that actually cater to the vast majority.

The approach required to connect with investors today are poles apart when compared to a couple of years ago where the key focus was technology; now it is a combination of disruptive technology and scalable business models (infused with creativity) that stands a greater chance at grabbing investors’ eyeballs.  It should do no harm to ensure that your ideas become your platform for Series A fundraising and mentorship from leading investors.

There are potential sectors as well

The Indian market presents the perfect opportunity for creative solutions to come to the fore; leading investors believe that sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, retail, and even traffic management, represent potential sectors as far as witnessing quality investments leading to technology-driven models to mitigate issues are concerned.

If you are an early-stage startup, it should do no harm to consider the potential sectors and identify opportunities to connect with investors and thereby raise funds. At this juncture, it is worth understanding that investors also look at actively mentoring ventures with a difference. Your venture could be this.

The Opportunity

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