3 Ways in Which You Could Give Back to Society As An Entrepreneur

Check out relatively easy ways in which you can make a difference to society
3 Ways in Which You Could Give Back to Society As An Entrepreneur
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The “giving back to society” trend is the in-thing now; even among entrepreneurs having earlier held high-paying corporate jobs but now looking at offering solutions to mitigate at least one layer of societal issues. This is now independent of the corporate social responsibility which the corporate firms today undertake.

Now, if you are an entrepreneur and looking at giving back to society (for the first time), then the good news is that you need not have hardcore businesses; you could simply let your creative juices flow to do your bit for the society.

In this regard, Entrepreneur India attempts to look at three creative ways in which entrepreneurs could give back to society (even as a hobby):

  • Take to Vlogging: If you are passionate about certain positive causes, you could use Vlogging and the YouTube as a medium to showcase your attitude for society. This platform is independent of prejudices and you could harness to ensure that your visions are clearly seen by the vast majority.

    “Vlogging in itself is a successful concept because an individual can apply it to any sector that they are interested in or are passionate about. It is a medium of expression,” states Niharika NM who is a known YouTube Vlogger with a successful channel.

  • Start positive movements: Modern-day entrepreneurship is not restricted to starting and operating businesses; you could initiate movements that actually stand for and nurture positive societal causes; directly or indirectly.

    You could in fact lead movements such as workplace happiness which is of utmost importance considering the fact that all categories of employees today are overworked more so from an internal organizational work perspective. Hence, your potential movement makes complete sense here.

    ““Culture is the shadow of the leader,” stated, Sangeetha Chacko – who is head of Corporate Communications at Percept Ltd, at a recent Workplace Happiness event.

    Here, educating today’s corporates on the right work culture and treating of employees with dignity gains relevance as far as contributing to society is concerned.

  • Drive entrepreneurial sparks: Another best way to give back to society is to empower others; the simplest way here is to educate people by organizing quality gatherings such that there is no deviation from the core agenda.

    Entrepreneurial meetups are an effective way to empower people to give back to society.

    “The first word is trust and the last word here again is trust. The organisers can work to bring together groups with carefully chosen synergies where they feel like Collaborators and not Competitors. That will bring in the first level of trust, opening up and sharing of ideas and involvement. Secondly, taking the idea of holacracy, start ups can sit and ideate and come together, ensuring total involvement,” adds Saiju Aravind who is CEO at Edubrisk. 

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