Why Is Backing Up Same As Backing Down?

Sometimes it is crucial to take one step backward just to accelerate the pedal two steps ahead in the direction of success

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Backing up technically means escalating heights and touching the zenith of success. Who wouldn’t want it? What do you work for after all? You put your head and heart in the direction of achieving success. How does the question of backing down even arise? Why would you step down or take a step backwards when all you want to do is keep working against all odds and overcoming obstacles to be an ace player in your field?


When asked Mr. Raghav Bhandhari, an employee of HDFC Bank vouches, “Sometimes it is crucial to take one step back just to accelerate the pedal two steps ahead in the direction of success.” He reiterates that sometimes one needs to slow down to be able to focus on the right goal.

Let us consider a few factors which guide us that backing down is sometimes inevitable and crucial as well:

1. Consider the goals

In the event of achieving one goal, you have been too consistent in your efforts and are scared to deviate out of your comfort zone. This necessitates that you sometimes back down and utilize your spare time and manpower to change the direction of the propeller to a better horizon. This opens up avenues to accomplish more profitable long-term goals.

2. Rejuvenate the slackened energies

With success and climbing up as the main forte, you have over-utilized your potential and drained your thinking caps. Mr. Lavish Mahajan, director of IGen Solutions Pvt. Ltd states, “Once I started with the technical line, the field was vast and knowledge was immense. To be able to achieve the desired targets, I had nearly overworked my stamina and needed to gauge the pace of work. I backed down a step in the ladder to be able to focus better on important tasks and restart with a rejuvenated mind.”

3. Analyze the journey

Sometimes it is better to step back the moment you realize that the next step ahead isn’t what you had wished for. Mrs. Ashima Thapar, a chartered accountant by profession realized that working professionally as a chartered accountant isn’t fetching her accolades, rewards and recognition she had anticipated. She opted to back down just to alter the radar and steer the ship to a more fruitful journey. Today she gleams in pride of being a corporate trainer.

Taking a step backwards might be intimidating in the beginning. But if you follow your heart and the volatile market supports you, you are likely to back up in a way like never before.

4. Have courage

It isn’t easy to back down and be at a relatively less prestigious position in your career. But if your heart suggests that things aren’t working out at the right place, you need to step down and aim at your long-term goals.

Mr. Anoop Kumar, a man of conviction initially working with a travel agency discovered his true potential and decided that instead of climbing up ranks with the agency, he would rather step down and be a self-made travel agent. Though he began small and remembers that leaving a secured income was a tough call, to begin with, he harnessed his own skill and niche in this field and has established Yorker Travels as a name to reckon with.

You need to have the courage to take the right decision, no matter how difficult it gets to part away with a defined regular course of action. Sometimes backing down surely paves a way to bounce back much higher.

Over to you- Our society celebrates success and backing down can be contradictory but this isn’t a sign of failure in any way. You need to review your goals and activities and might have to take a less perilous path to success. It may be easier to keep moving forward, but the circumstances might tell you to step back. Focus on the long-term goals and develop a vision to reach the zenith with the path that not only benefits you but takes along your employees and clients to a higher level of satisfaction.
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