E-commerce Companies has the Potential to Generate 12 million Job Opportunities

It has become important to build India's physical and digital infrastructure, which in a way can offer job opportunities to the maximum population

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Online business is growing by the day and people have notions that digital revolution is killing traditional job opportunities, however, if one takes a look at the graph, it reflects how many different job profiles have grown and the numbers have outgrown the traditional job opportunities.


In 2016, a research report by HSBC had stated that E-commerce has the potential of creating a net of 12 million new jobs across the country including rural India over the next ten years.

It has become important to build India’s physical and digital infrastructure, which in a way can offer job opportunities to the maximum population.

Here is the kind of job opportunities e-commerce business is going to build in India:

For Deliveries

Any e-commerce business is mainly dependent upon the timely delivery process be it Amazon or Flipkart or any other company. This is a reflection of how the job opportunities for drivers, warehouse workers and micro-delivery operations are taking a swift turn.

Recently, online grocer BigBasket has acquired subscription-based e-grocery startup RainCan as it looks to strengthen its micro-delivery operations.

RainCan co-founder Kumar, said, “We will continue with our micro-delivery operations. Now, as a part of BigBasket, we will go multi-city to expand our operations pan-India.”

Many online grocers like BigBasket are expanding across the country providing many job opportunities for not just the metro population but for tier-II and tier-III cities as well.

Other Than Just Deliveries

E-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, and the likes are tying up with local sellers to get the deliveries and requirements fulfilled in time.

Not just for the deliveries but in the warehouses where segregating items, packing and arranging items is a major task. A huge number of job opportunities are generated there for fine detailing and maintaining the machines.

Since the startups are mushrooming rapidly so are their needs to get their work done, which in return is creating job opportunities in different levels such as managerial posts, IT department, media and PRs and lastly for cleaning and security purposes.

This article was initially published on Franchise India by Nibedita Mohanta.