Wingstop Restaurant Closes Certain Markets To New Franchisees


Dallas-Antonio Swad, founder of Wingstop Restaurants Inc., announced today that the company is closing the Austin, San Antonio, Waco and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, markets to new franchisees. The Dallas-based chicken wing franchise has been growing at a rapid pace since it began offering franchises in 1998. Currently, there are 20 stores in operation and 17 more under development in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma and Missouri.

Swad explained, "We will continue to open restaurants in the Austin, San Antonio, Waco and Dallas/Fort Worth areas; however, they will be opened by our existing franchise owners." Swad developed a franchisee-friendly corporate philosophy that provides competitive protection to existing storeowners by not allowing other franchise owners to open Wingstop stores within a three-mile radius of an existing store.

Jim Deering, the company's vice president, said, "As long as current eligible franchisees continue to expand in the closed markets, we will keep them closed. We anticipate closing the Houston market in 18 months." -S. Bell Inc. Public Relations

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