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RingCentral Meetings Makes Aligning Your Remote Workforce Simple

Keep everyone organized and on task with this comprehensive communication platform.

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The world is going remote. Today, 66% of companies allow remote work, and 16% of companies are fully remote. With more and more research showing that offering remote work saves both companies and employees money while increasing productivity, the trend appears to be only getting stronger. One potential hiccup? How do you keep all of those remote employees connected and aligned?

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One solution that’s both smart and cost-effective is RingCentral Meetings™. RingCentral Meetings offers free online meetings and screen sharing solutions for up to 100 participants, allowing teams to communicate and collaborate effectively from anywhere in the world. Staying aligned on major projects or even just touching base for morning standups is a breeze with this simple, reliable, and secure platform. 

Participants can call in from anywhere, from a desktop or mobile device, and easily share content with other participants from any device. Need to share the numbers from your most recent email campaign? RingCentral Meetings makes it easy to distribute the data to everyone efficiently, on any device.

RingCentral Meetings offers a comprehensive free solution for keeping a remote workforce aligned and on task. Check out what RingCentral Meetings has to offer and start collaborating smarter.