Gaur Gopal Das Talks About 3 Support System Entrepreneurs Need To Beat The Odds

Gaur Gopal Das Talks About 3 Support System Entrepreneurs Need To Beat The Odds
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These days we have gurujis, Swamiji's at various podiums giving spiritual and motivational mantras. While some find it interesting and path-breaking, some fail to draw parallels with what they say. 

But then some have created quite a buzz with their motivational talks and when they speak, people love to gather and hear. One such person is a former Hewlett Packard engineer-turned lifestyle coach and motivational speaker from ISKCON Gaur Gopal Das needs no introduction. 

Monk, as he likes to call himself, is known for his talks and has a massive following. From inspiring people to clearing out a doubt, what he says does have an impact. He is someone who just doesn’t understand the ethos of life but also the business. Having been an engineer before, he understands what entrepreneurs, enterprises and corporate mindsets are like.

Entrepreneur India got in an exclusive chat with him where he spoke about ‘Beating down what beats you’.

Trained yourself to deal with difficulties? 

Recently entrepreneurship saw a very dark phase when Café Coffee founder V.G.Siddhartha committed suicide. The journey of starting your own business teaches you a lot but takes away a lot as well if you can’t deal with the transition. 

Talking about how traditional businessmen need to accept the change Gaur Gopal Das pointed out how we have lost coping mechanisms. “One of the things is going wrong is that people have lost coping mechanisms. There was a time when people could cope up with these challenges. Challenges are part of life. Challenges are part of the business. Businesses have had challenges in the past, they have it today and in the future also they will have it. How have we trained ourselves to cope with the challenges is the question. Earlier the coping mechanism has become way better and because it has now become poor people can go to extreme ends to take drastic steps like ending their lives,” he said.

Gopal Das points out a coping mechanism in the form of lacking emotional and functional support, where you can open up to somebody and confide it. When you are handling so many people break down saying I can’t take it any longer. Just speak up.

Traditional and Millennial Alignment 

Functional support is where you can sallow is up and you can. Gopal Das is a true believer that when it comes to business both the generation holds relevance and needs to work in alignment to achieve success. He pointed out how the methodology of the old generation is irrelevant today but not wisdom and experience. 

“You have a millennial generation and they are relevant to the methodology they follow because they are with the time. But they don’t have the wisdom. The older generation needs to learn that their success is not in terms of achieving the target, deadlines, and number. Their success in imparting that experience and wisdom. The younger generation needs to understand that their success is in creating innovation to achieve but they are dependent on the older generation for their wisdom,” he said.

Mindfulness Time Out

The last is the spiritual sport that plays an essential role mentions, Gopal Das. Corporates now a day have time out zone and meditation hubs, where they can take a break from work and relax. 

In a detailed conversation with the Editor-in-Chief Ritu Marya of Entrepreneur India, Gopal Das always sheds light on his view on new-age leadership, work-life balance and more.

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