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Elon Musk Took Tesla's Cybertruck for a Weekend Drive Around LA

One parking lot sign was no match for the Cybertruck's might.

This story originally appeared on Engadget

So what is there to do after you win a defamation lawsuit? If you're Elon Musk, apparently ride down the 405 in an electric pickup truck. Many people spotted the Tesla Cybertruck riding around Los Angeles this weekend, while celeb-watching sites like TMZ got footage of the CEO at Nobu on Saturday night surrounded by people including the actor Edward Norton.

FREDERIC J. BROWN | Getty Images

The truck didn't seem to have anything about it that was more production-ready than when we saw it at the unveiling, although seeing it on the street gives a good sense of how large the Cybertruck really is.

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People spotted the truck stopped in traffic, and on the highway, although the most dramatic — and slightly troubling — aspect came as Musk zipped out of the parking lot and clipped a cone that might've been hard to see from its cabin.

Of course, if what you really wanted to see was a Cybertruck rampaging across the landscape taking out any vehicle in its path, then you'll have to settle for this simulation, courtesy of a modded version of GTA V.