9 Ways to Supercharge Your Morning Routine

Whether with celery juice or a sports podcast, these 9 founders found a new way to start the day.
9 Ways to Supercharge Your Morning Routine
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Morning Veggies

“I recently began drinking celery juice every morning. It’s known for its healing benefit, and especially in colder weather, it has alleviated my dry skin and helped increase my energy level.” -- Bill Glaser, cofounder and CEO, Outstanding Foods

Facts and Figures

“I started putting on CNBC every morning. It gives me a more macro-level understanding of everything happening in the current global marketplace, which really helps me to make more informed decisions at the micro level for Pura Vida.” -- Griffin Thall, cofounder and CEO, Pura Vida Bracelets

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Home Brew

“I stopped buying my Americano on the way to the office and instead wake up a little earlier and make it at home with a Bialetti espresso maker. The ritual gives me 10 minutes to prepare for the day.” -- Lisa Bubbers, cofounder and CMO, Studs

Sports Talk

“I listen to Philadelphia Eagles podcasts during my 40-minute drive to work in the morning. It helps me get my brain out of entrepreneur mode for a small part of the day.” -- Mike Cessario, cofounder and CEO, Liquid Death

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“I’m often up late collaborating with our teams in Hong Kong and China, where we create our custom wedding dresses. The Ordinary’s Caffeine Solution for under-eye puffiness makes me look like I’ve had a full night’s sleep.” -- Leslie Voorhees Means, cofounder and CEO, Anomalie

The Power of Protein

“I always started my mornings with a glass of chocolate milk, but recently I swapped it for  a protein-packed chocolate smoothie -- protein powder with oat milk and fresh peanut butter -- and it has totally changed my mornings! It keeps me full for five hours and gives me the energy I need.” -- Jean Thompson, CEO, Seattle Chocolate and Jcoco  

Muscle Massage

“My morning routine includes a workout, a quick sauna, and then using the Hypervolt massager on muscles I’ve worked hard. It helps me recover faster and improves flexibility.” -- Rick Bates, cofounder and CEO, RxSense  

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Scheduled Sweat

“The TrainingPeaks app helped me prepare for the New York City Marathon this year. It offers weekly training schedules that helped me use my limited morning time to focus on training itself, rather than planning how and when to train.” -- Field Failing, founder and CEO, Fields Good Chicken

Ancient Tea

“I steep a cup of Lapsang souchong tea. According to legend, it was invented hundreds of years ago when the threat of an invading army resulted in a tea grower quick-drying his tea under a pinewood fire. It tastes like  you’re drinking a cigar, but in a good way.” -- Coulter Lewis, founder and CEO, Sunday


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