Mother's Day Is Almost Here: Here's What To Gift The Mompreneurs You Know

We are sure whatever you choose, it will bring a little joy to the life of the woman unwrapping it.

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Being an entrepreneur is already an undertaking; having children -especially small ones- makes the journey even harder.


Mompreneurs are moms up for the challenge to start a business, and if you ask me, we are nowadays incognito heroes. It might be a side hustle, separate from our full-time job. It might be a way to make a little extra money, or it might just be the way she supports her family. One way or another, they deserve our applause and recognition.

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, and taking into account that these busy women are also wives, moms, and professionals in their area of expertise, we have put together a list of the perfect presents for the #momboss in your life.

1. A PRACTICAL BAG We, moms, normally go around with a big tote. Why? That's how we become the mini version of a pharmacy, a supermarket, and a toy store. Opening our bags, you can find a plethora of items: water bottles, pacifiers, food, wipes, nappies, and if you're an entrepreneur, you have to often add a notebook, laptop, and cell phone. We need sturdy yet stylish bags that can take one cargo or the other depending on the occasion. I fell in love with this one called the Joy Tote Bag. It is made out of vegetable-tanned leather and is the perfect size for all my activities.

2.  COMPUTER SLEEVE Our computers are today our most precious working tool. We need to protect them, but I don’t particularly enjoy the big bulky bags. I rather have a stylish and slim computer case like this one -the Kensington Laptop Case- to go to meetings. Doesn’t it look fab?

3. ACTIVITY TRACKER If she is into fitness and doesn’t have any activity tracker as yet, a Fitbit can be a great gift. She will be able to track her progress, her steps, heart rate, and sleep patterns. It also comes with some guides to exercise and breathe.

4. AUDIOBOOKS Audible is a great gift for busy people. She will be able to listen to the books that are of her interest, and it has a subscription fee that can get canceled at any time.

5. TRAINING/COACHING We mompreneurs wear many hats, and some of them might be very foreign to us. You might be super good with numbers, but you have no clue how to have a successful marketing campaign. Of course, you might want to hire someone to do it for you, but you might want to learn the basics, and do it yourself until the business is profitable enough. One course I did recently and loved was Building Memorable Brands with Stefania Brunori.

6. HOME ACCESSORIES Now with the coronavirus, we are all pushing to work from home. Does your mompreneur have a good office space from where she can create the magic at home? No? Maybe is time to invest in a desk and some cabinets and create a little oasis at home. Check IKEA, Urban Nest and Tribe Dubai.

We hope our list makes your life easier to select the perfect gift. We are sure whatever you choose, it will bring a little joy to the life of the woman unwrapping it. Most of the ideas are UAE-based businesses, and they can deliver to your doorstep. So, tell us: what will you be gifting? What would you like to be gifted?

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