Seven Design Tips To Create The Perfect Home Office

Working from home can be a hoot if you have everything set up perfectly.

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Working from home can be a hoot if you have everything set up perfectly. Remote work gives you the advantage of better work-life balance, and takes away endless hours of traffic stress. Given the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, it looks like we're going to be stuck at home for quite some time, whether we all like it or not. Here are seven inexpensive ways to create the perfect workspace at home.


1. SEARCH FOR LIGHT When looking for a spot to set up your home office, choose the place with the most natural light coming in. While your instinct might take you to the nearest corner or wall, facing a window or a source of light might actually inspire you to work better while enjoying the scenery outside. For those long working night shifts, invest in a warm, high-beam lamp to keep your space and light and bright.

2. GO GREEN Adding one or two desk plants is a great way to decorate and creating an uplifting environment. Just make sure you buy plants that aren't high maintenance and don't require daily watering,

3. FOLLOW THE RULES Ergonomic rules are there for a reason. Keeping your computer screen at eye level and elbows rested while sitting on an ergonomic chair are all ways to ensure a smoother, more comfortable work process. Position your keyboard so your forearms are parallel to the floor. And adjust your chair so your feet rest firmly on the floor.

4. STORE CREATIVELY Small living spaces require extreme organization. And since you'll be working from home, no one likes the look of piled up documents on a tiny desk. Invest in a fancy bookshelf or storage cabinet to store all your important documents. Decorate it with small ornaments and figurines to make it look like more than just an ugly filing cabinet.

5. GO WIRELESS As much as you can. Eliminating the hideous look of wires and cables can be very relaxing to the eye. For the devices that need cables, hide a power strip behind your desk and plug everything into that

6. MAKE IT PERSONAL It may sound flimsy, but a picture of your family or pet will have you wanting to sit longer at your desk. Surround yourself with things that bring positive energy to you, even if it's just a nice frame with a meaningful picture in it or a travel souvenir.

7. PREP PREP PREP Before you start your workday, make sure you have everything you need on your desk. Pens, paper, snacks, all of it. By eliminating the need to get off your chair to wander around the house looking for a pen, you will have uninterrupted quality time to focus on getting things done. Get a nicely divided desk caddy to store all your office supplies, and keep it handy on your desk.

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