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This App Claims to Help You Fall Asleep in Just Two Minutes

Based on a secret military method for getting shut-eye, and getting it fast.

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We live in strange, uncertain times, and uncertain times often breed restlessness. Between the state of the world, the state of your business and trying to keep everything running smoothly at home and with your remote workforce, it may be tough to get a good night's sleep. Still, there's nothing more important than getting the proper amount of shut-eye, so it may be time to put your sleep in technology's hands.


Take Restly, for example, the sleep app that aims to get you snoozing in two minutes or less. A former number one Product of the Day on Product Hunt, Restly is based on a method developed by the U.S. Army and field-tested by pilots. It combines male and female voices with different calming sounds to help you drift away peacefully. Once you're fast asleep, the sleep timer will eventually shut off the sounds for you for the remainder of the night.

From there, Restly's built-in smart alarm clock will determine when you should wake up in order to optimize your sleep cycles. That can be the key difference between waking up refreshed or rolling out of bed groggily.

And because entrepreneurs are innately analytical, we're sure you'll enjoy the sleep statistics available for review. You can track your sleep improvement over time and calculate when you should go to bed or wake up based on your personal sleep cycle to feel as refreshed as possible. Maybe even set some personal sleep KPIs (wink, wink).

There's enough going on in the world. Don't let your sleepless nights get in the way. Get a lifetime subscription to Restly today for 60 percent off at just $39.99.

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