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Here's How to Get $10 Off Blue Bottle Coffee That's Delivered Right to Your Door

Missing your favorite café and drip coffee in quarantine? Fret no more.

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Missing your favorite café and drip coffee in quarantine? Who can blame you? Well, fortunately, you don't have to block out your coffee snobbery completely. Right now, one of the hottest coffee chains on the planet, Blue Bottle Coffee, is offering a $10 discount to their online store. All you have to do is provide an email address to get a code.

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Founded in Oakland, Calif., in 2002, Blue Bottle now operates 91 stores with locations in California, New York, Washington, D.C., Boston, Seoul, Kyoto, Kobe and Tokyo. Blue Bottle specializes in single-origin coffee, cutting out the middlemen to get incredible beans that customers love. In their cafés, their quality control experts taste each coffee to determine when it will reach peak flavor. And every time a new single-origin is introduced, they repeat the process anew.

Whenever they change a component of one of their blends, they start all over again. Based on these intricate determinations, they only serve the absolute freshest coffee in their stores, and the same goes for their web store. We'd say that's coffee snob-approved. 

Online, you can shop for your favorite blends, discover new ones or grab a New Orleans–style Iced Coffee kit so you can enjoy Blue Bottle's signature iced coffee whenever you'd like. Just enroll for the coupon through this link, enter your email and your $10 credit will be automatically applied to your first order over $20. (Do take note that the credit is not valid on subscription items.)

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