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This Clever Tool Helps You Avoid Germ-Covered Surfaces

Protect yourself from bacteria in the world.

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The world is covered in germs and bacteria. Between public doorknobs, elevator buttons, checkout stations, and virtually any other public surface, there are germs everywhere. For the most part, you're probably fine touching those surfaces and washing your hands later. But if you don't want to make contact with them in the first place, that's completely understandable, too. That's why Kontact was created.

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Kontact is a germ-free touch tool that's designed to help you open doors, press buttons, and use touch screens without direct contact, reducing your germ exposure. Cast in solid antimicrobial brass, the company says Kontact kills 99 percent of the pathogens that it comes in contact with, protecting you from getting those germs on your skin. It's only about 3 inches long, fso it fits in your purse, pockets, or on your keychain, while the sturdy build ensures it's strong enough to pull even the heaviest doors. While Kontact helps you avoid germs while on-the-go, don't forget to still wear a mask and wash your hands, per CDC recommendations. 

Right now, Kontact is running a sale. You can get a single tool for 39 percent off $24 at just $14.99. Alternatively, you can get a two-pack for 43 percent off at $27.99, a 10-pack for 49 percent off at $124.99, a 50-pack for 53 percent off at $573.99, or a 100-pack for 62 percent off at $923.99. (They're useful acceesories for employees.)

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