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There are many non-technical CEOs out there today. You don't have to know how to code to run a company in the digital age, but it certainly can't hurt. Whether you want to build a digital company from the ground up or you'd like to develop some technical expertise to help your business thrive, learning to code can be extremely beneficial to an entrepreneur. The Interactive Learn to Code Bundle is a great way to get started.

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This nine-course bundle covers some of today's most important coding languages. The courses are taught by the BitDegree Foundation, a team of in-house course creators with expertise in a wide variety of programming languages including: SQL, JavaScript, Python, Java, jQuery, PHP, and more. 

This comprehensive education will give you the skills to build your own website from scratch that is uniquely suited to your business. JavaScript and Java are two of the most important programming languages for building interactivity into your website. SQL will help you manage data on your site more easily, while PHP, Python, jQuery, and Bootstrap will help you incorporate more elements into your websites seamlessly while improving your workflow. Finally, the web design course will give you the capability of designing sites exactly to your specifications.

Learning to code can elevate your potential as an entrepreneur. The Interactive Learn to Code Bundle will help you build a foundation and it's just $29.99 now.

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