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3 Ways to Find the Right Talent and Scale Your Business

Hiring a team that shares a common vision can be game-changing when scaling an organization

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A​ great business is built on talent, but talent can sometimes be hard to find. Everyone knows that your organization is only as good as the people you bring on, but the million-dollar question is exactly how you do that? As a service-oriented business owner, one of the hardest factors I know is finding the right talent.

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I’m always happy to talk to more and more people on how they onboard the best employees on their team, and why finding the right talent is critical to their business. One such person, I​ recently spoke with is French record producer Jimmy Boss. Jimmy finds and nurtures fresh talent through his Rap Talent acquisition platform – Outsiders. In Jimmy’s words, "It's all about finding talent that not only fits with your organization but also fits with your goals." He adds, "That is how you scale because you find talent who fits into the bigger picture." Jimmy uniquely understands the role a great team plays when scaling an organization. He discussed three ways to find the right talent that I’m glad to share below.

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1​. Find people who are a good culture fit

Culture is incredibly important as it is what fuels a business. "Culture is the backbone of every organization," states Jimmy. "You want to ensure that every person you bring on board aligns with your vision. One negative person can bleed that energy through the entire organization holding everyone back." Before you extend an offer, make sure you see that person upholding your business goals. 

2​. Offer a decent package

Research what other companies are offering similar candidates and offer something comparable. "Good recruiters are constantly on the hunt for top talent, and if you've got it, you want to make sure you keep it," says Jimmy. "Offering decent compensation is a big part of retaining your best employees." No one wants to hire someone and lose them to a competitor, so ensure that you are hanging onto your talent once you bring them on board.

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3​. Set clear goals

Sometimes new people can get lost in the shuffle because everyone already understands what is going on. Make sure your new hires are in the know and supported in their new roles. "The whole point of hiring is to grow your business and meet the goals you set," explains Jimmy. "If you make those goals clear from the get-go, no time will be lost."

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Scaling your business might be challenging, and the hiring process can be daunting, but with a few tips in mind, you can find people with the shared dedication to bring your vision to life. 


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