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Social Media Best Practices to Boost Your Personal Brand

A strong social media presence is the foundation from which you can build a world-conquering brand.

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As per the Digital 2020 July Global Snapshot, nearly half of the world is on social media. Today, to build a personal brand, there's nothing quite like social media. The potential audience and exposure that the platform can generate would be unimaginable to yesteryear's advertising and marketing teams.

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Through social media, brands can connect and interact with their audience on a sincere and personal level. In turn, this creates customer loyalty, generates leads, and provides the sort of marketing and advertising money cannot buy.

Social media creates its momentum and can take what once was a niche brand and make it a household name. Here are three reasons why social media has become the most formidable and powerful tool any person can leverage when building their personal brand.

Social media adds an air of authenticity to your brand

In a digital landscape where everyone is jostling for attention, it's becoming increasingly difficult for any brand to stand out. The biggest compliment any audience can give you is to believe in your brand. They will only do this if you're an authentic and genuine article. "Once you have authenticity on social media, the world is your oyster," shares wealth coach Rob Coats, founder of Connect and Grow Rich Consulting Agency. Coats made his name on social media through positivity and perseverance. "People tend to follow me on social media because I break it down in simple terms how they can generate wealth, and I make their financial goals tangible," Rob continues. 

He further adds that you should steer clear of bluff or bluster to gain your followers' trust on social media. "You have to be honest on social media, or you'll be called out as a fraud," he explains.

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Social media elevates your brand into a way of life

Social media is a place where people who share similar lifestyles connect and broaden their horizons. Lifestyles are a tangible commodity and encompass a broad spectrum. Social media can document a lifestyle like no other medium. Founder of TripleOne Inc, James Awad, who lives the sort of lifestyle that many entrepreneurs endeavor to emulate, uses it as an example of what his social media followers can achieve if, in his words, "They commit themselves to their passion and leave no stone unturned to master it." 

He explains, "With the rise in social media usage, individuals, as well as brands, must figure out what cult they want to build around themselves and then work harder and be more innovative than anyone else."

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Social media gives your brand worldwide exposure

The most dynamic thing about social media is its reach. It is a platform where ambition can truly thrive. In today's world, you do not need a marketing firm or team of advertisers to make your brand a global one; you need to be social media savvy. Above all, social media is a level playing field. It doesn't care where you're from or what you've done; it just cares about where you're at.

"Social media offers everyone a chance to make it big," shares business coach Julian Kuschner. The millennial mentor knows all about having his back to the wall. He has survived getting kicked out of college and being fired from a series of dead-end jobs and came out the other end as someone who has achieved great success on his own terms. Julian now inspires others on social media to find the inner strength and resolve needed to build a successful business.

He explains, "Social media has given me an opportunity to help people all over the world. More and more people are financially struggling than ever before, but I believe it's not so much the struggle but how you respond to it. Through social media, I aim to inspire people to stay positive, stay strong, and rebuild one step at a time."

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