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Baskin-Robbins/Dunkin' Donuts/Togo's Open Markets to Major Developers

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Randolph, Massachusetts-Baskin-Robbins, Dunkin' Donuts and Togo's stores may soon be popping up faster than ever throughout the eastern half of the United States. Through a new program, the three brands will award rights to major developers in as many as 17 strategically selected markets. All told, the markets could represent expansion of up to 1,400 new units.

Terrance Lewis, national franchise licensing manager for the three brands, introduced the program, explaining that the focus of the development will be on multibranded locations offering two or all three of the quick-service restaurant concepts under one roof.

"Pairing solid brands that serve different [markets] typically allows the development of better sites in a market and allows operators an opportunity to leverage their ," Lewis said. He added that the organizations and resources of large, multiunit operators should allow them to accelerate expansion in these markets.

"We're looking for existing organizations with the infrastructure, market knowledge and capital to accomplish rapid development of units featuring two or all three of our brands in these markets," Lewis said. "We see this as an excellent opportunity for multiunit operators who have reached market capacity with their existing concepts." -Nichol & Co.

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