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Find the Right Domain Name for Your Business with .TECH

The right domain can go a long way.

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Today, there are roughly 1.2 billion websites on the internet, 400 million of which are actively managed. Roughly 137 million of those actively managed pages use the .com extension. For the average brand that's just starting and looking for a website, there's a lot of noise out there. While you may struggle to find the right domain name for your brand on the .com extension, tech companies may find a perfect online home with a .tech extension.

Vlada Karpovich/Pexels

While .com is more recognizable, it has become oversaturated, making it exceedingly difficult for new site builders to find the right domain and, when they do, it often doesn't quite describe the company accurately. Unlike .com, .tech domains offer a huge array of short, memorable, meaningful domain names for companies in the tech space. When you choose a .tech domain name, you're future-proofing your company by not only finding a domain name that makes sense but one that will only grow in popularity as the .com extension continues to inch towards critical mass.

Consider that finance.tech and virtualreality.tech are both currently available domain names. Simply putting the .tech behind your brand tells visitors that you've got your eye on smart strategies and are operating in the technology space. The domain itself is a minor disruption and gives context to what you do. Because .tech is future-oriented, it makes sense that CES (ces.tech), the world-famous technology expo was an early adopter of the extension. Giants like Viacom (viacom.tech) and promising startups like Shadow (shadow.tech), the high-performance cloud-based computer company, use .tech. Branding as tech-centric has global resonance and will help attract visitors to your sites.

Getting a .tech domain is extremely simple. Just head over to .TECH Domains and enter your preferred domain name to check if it's available. Chances are pretty good that it will be. Once you find it, put in a claim in a matter of minutes.

Even more importantly, unlike many .com domains, .tech domains are considerably more affordable. Domain names typically start at $49.99 per year, with discounts on longer registrations. Plus, for a limited time, .TECH is offering an 80 percent discount on all one-year and five-year registrations when you enter code TECHNOW at checkout.