The Island Of Capri, And Its Businesses, Is Ready To Welcome Tourists Post Pandemic

Antonino Aiello of 100% Capri believes that prominent Capri business owners have to offer prosperity feedback loops from the private to the public sector in Capri

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, certain sectors are bouncing back faster than others.

Thomas Herd
Island of Capri

It's perhaps no surprise that the luxury firmament is one of the first to resume normal business.

In fact, during the pandemic luxury sales have achieved record heights—with sales growing to $24 billion during the COVID outbreak—and since the advent of the vaccine, major vacation destinations for the affluent are predicting record influxes of new travelers now that the floodgates are opening.

A salient example is the ultra-luxury destination of Capri—which along with St. Tropez—is the epicenter of Europe's super rich.

The New York Times in an article—Capri: The First Choice Of The Jet Set—said Capri will become more rarified and exclusive than in years previous.

According to the article, "Capri will be more jet set than before. The VIPs, equipped with private jets, yachts and personal doctors have less trouble getting to the island than souvenir and Blue Grotto-postcard hungry hoards of day trippers flopping around in Capri sandals and limoncello stained linen shirts, especially because the cruise industry is struggling to return to full force."

Capri, even it always did skew elitist, has historically maintained a concentration of mainland blue collar Italian and foreign tourists. Now however—without the thousands of mainstream tourists—the island's constituency will be more homogeneously affluent than ever before. While this composition shift may take away some of the island's variety and laid back classical Italian charm, it also breeds new opportunity.

For instance, Capri's own clothing brand 100% Capri is predicting record sales this summer and has planned a series of publicity events this summer dedicated to empowering the local government and social institutions that run the Island year round.

Owner and Founder Antonino Aiello of 100% Capri believes that prominent Capri business owners have to offer prosperity feedback loops from the private to the public sector in Capri, that can spread the influx of wealth the Island expects to receive post COVID back into the Island's administrative systems to enable Capri to make a full return to its pre-pandemic brilliance. 

Owner and Founder of 100% Capri - Antonino Aiello